Direct Mail Shop - What we do 

High quality printing

Our print department has both digital and lithographic printing presses. We print a wide range of products, letterheads, flyers, booklets and folders to name just a few.

Bespoke print finishing

Our finishing department can fold, die-cut, laminate and produce booklets. This means brochures, folders and shape cut postcards can all be produced in house.

Envelope printing

Our envelope presses can over print envelopes in B&W as well as colour. We can also manufacture envelopes from a flat sheet to any size specification. 

Manual enclosing 

Our staff can handle all your manual enclosing needs. We have developed procedures to ensure that all manual enclosing is completed with 100% accuracy.


Our one piece self-mailers are a great alternate to a postcard. We can produce self-mailers with multiple folded pages and secure them with a tab or glue dot.

Envelope inserting

Our envelope enclosing lines can automatically insert letters, brochures and response devices into envelopes. Multiple personalised items can be enclosed.

Postcard mailings

Our design team can help you create the perfect direct mail postcard. Postcards are a cost-effective means of direct marketing. Postcards can be die cut to any shape.

Poly & paper wrapping

Our wrapping lines can enclose brochures, newsletters and magazines. You can choose from polyethene, potato starch or paper wrap. 

Hybrid Mail Printing
Let us be your post room

By using our Hybrid Mail Printing Solution, you can streamline your business and marketing post. Why invest in expensive printing and mailing equipment when you can use ours?

 Automated routes for your documents to printed and posted. 

. Triggers can be added to allow matched flyers and business reply envelopes to be included.

Templates of your letters can be setup so all you have to supply is the data each time.

We can accept merged personalised PDFs and Word Documents.

Full reporting of daily volumes is available for audit purposes. 

Using our Hybrid Mail Printing Solution will save you time and money. Maximise your marketing reach by getting the most out of your budget. Whether you are sending just a few letters per day or thousands, our Hybrid Mail Printing Solution can be adapted to meet your needs. Contact us today to join the revolution in print and direct mailing.

Our Memberships

British Printing Industries Federation

The federation is committed to developing excellence and growth in the print sector. They are uniquely placed to actively shape the future of the ever-changing print industry with its members.

Woodland Trust - Carbon Capture 

We carbon offset the paper we use with the Woodland Trust - Carbon Capture Shame. The Trust plants trees to balance the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released from the production of paper.

Two Sides

Members of Two Sides seek to minimise and reduce the environmental impact of their business activities so that they contribute to sustainable development. The aim is to avoid paper waste going to landfill.

Rewards program

Here at The Direct Mail shop we think customers should be rewarded! To say thank you, if you spend over £200 on a direct mail campaign (excluding VAT) you will be eligible to claim a £10 Amazon Voucher. Simply email your invoice to using the email address you wish your Amazon Voucher to be sent to. Your e-voucher will arrive in your inbox within 2-3 working days.